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This great Vedic tradition, this world, does not exist in some vague, remote past or future; it is here and active; it glows, sends messengers, apostles, sages and beacons us all, through the chanting to come and partake in its bounty. Thus a search into this imponderable world cannot be reduced to a research, kindled due to our so called scientific (cause-effect) temperament which has been fostered on us by our mis-conception of information for knowledge.

The great preceptor Sri Dakshinamurthy inspiring in silence.
(Brihadeesvara Temple, Gangaikondachozhapuram, Tamil Nadu)
(Photo: P. S. Ramanathan, VRS)

“We may applaud European indologists for their research work, for making our sastras known to a wider world and for the hard work they put in. But they were hardly in sympathy with our view of the Vedas. What is the purpose of these scriptures? By chanting them, by filling the world with their sound and by the performance of rites like sacrifices [yajnas], the good of mankind is ensured. This view the western indologists rejected. They tried to understand on a purely intellectual plane what is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. And with this limited understanding of theirs they printed big tomes on the Vedas to be preserved in the libraries. Our scriptures are meant to be a living reality of our speech and action. Instead of putting them to such noble use, to consign them to the libraries, in the form of books, is like keeping living animals in the museum instead of in the zoo."

-- Parama-pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati
Mahasvaminah of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

Our conceptualization of the library, interpretation centre etc. are intended to make them a repository of the nuances of this thriving culture, capturing the regional, environmental evolutions and help their preservation and inspire all of us to come, partake and facilitate in making “our scriptures -- ‘as they are meant to be’ -- a living reality of our speech and action”.

We seek the blessings of all apostles and help us all to partake from this abundant wisdom.

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