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Vedic Tradition

The glory of the Vedas lies in the fact that they are of immeasurable value as much for their sound as for their verbal content. While the energising sound has its own creative power, the words are notable for the exalted character of the meaning they convey.
The Founder
Dr. C. R. Swaminathan, M.A., Ph.D.
An acknowledged Sanskrit and Vedic scholar, belongs to the well known Karyakar family of Chathapuram, Palakkad...

The “VEDA” - the sound in its purest form and the verbal commentary on it, is one of the oldest links we have with the past in our quest for a meaning - a meaning for existence and evolution.

This link from the beginning is preserved in the oral tradition of Vedic chanting. This tradition cannot be preserved in all its purity and effect through any of our sound making inventions. They have to be preserved through the fundamental mode in which they were created through the unbroken oral tradition of rendering of the Vedas.
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