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We invite you to visit the Pathasala to participate in the scintillating chorus. It will be an experience in itself for you to cherish. As you near the building, your ears are filled with the sound of the highly potent and positive vibrations of the Veda mantras and the Sama-gana being chanted and sung in unison by the young brahmacharis.

Veda-adhyayana is a duty (sva-dharma) imposed on us by Isvara. It is our very birth-right and we are sastraically qualified to receive it. Neglect of sva-dharma is sure to cause disturbance in our lives. The only prayaschitta for this neglect of duty is to help those children who undergo adhyayana.

The Samithi entails an annual cost of Rs.35,000 on each vidyarthi on his upkeep and education. Apart from the contribution from institutions like the Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Veda Vidya Pratishthan (Ujjain), the Shashtiabdapurthy Trust (Madras), the Ghatikasramam Trust (Kancheepuram) and the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (Anaikkatti), the Samithi has been generously supported by individuals and we are always grateful to them. The Samithi is in the process of increasing the Corpus size to make the institution self-financing.

We envision to turn the Ramanathapuram Agraharam into a Global Vedic Village. We are confident that our good effort and your participation would one day reinstate the apparently diminished glory of the pure knowledge of the Vedas. This would enlighten us and our future generations towards a great destiny. What we need is your active support at every step.

Donations are exempt from tax under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Other Participatory Schemes
No. Expansion Programme Estimated Cost (Rs)
1 Land, & Quarters for adhyapakas 1.5 Crores
2 Library Storage / Retrieval & Information Systems 20 lakhs
3 Books and Manuscripts 15 lakhs
4 Office Furnitures, Computers, etc 10 lakhs
5 Vedic Heritage Interpretation Centre/Displlay of Yaga Utensils 15 lakhs
6 Prayer / Meeting Hall & Peripherals 20 lakhs
No. Name of the Scheme Amount
1 Corpus Fund [Target Rs.10 Crores] Your Magnanimity
2 Endowment* Rs. 50000
3 Sponsor a Vidyarthi Rs. 35000 p.a.
4 Patrons** Rs. 25000
5 Life Member** Rs. 1000
6 Bhojana for whole day*** Rs. 2000

*   Interest can be earmarked for any specific purpose of your choice.

**  Periodic donations from Patrons/Life Members welcome.

*** Feast on auspicious occasions like Upanayana, Vivaha, Seemantonnayana, etc.
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