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The academic year is from April to March.

Presently adhyapana of the two Vedas, viz., Taittiriya-sakha of the Krishna-yajurveda and Kauthuma-sakha of the Samaveda have been undertaken. Teaching of other sakhas would be actively considered in case a minimum of seven students come forward in their respective sakha.

The course of study last for seven years. The syllabus prescribed by MSRVVP, Ujjain is strictly followed.

General education in Sanskrit, English and Mathematics are also imparted. Higher education in the Yajurveda upto ghana could also be initiated.

The Acharyas conduct the internal assessment and the Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust, Madras and the MSRVVP, Ujjain conduct the external examinations. Those who pass out with proficiency are given the title "Veda Bhushana".

The MSRVVP disburses a handsome amount to the brahmacharis on successful completion of the course, in order to provide them a strong footing from out of the deffered stipend accrued against the Vidhyarthis.
Faculty / Student Strength
Veda No. of Acharyas No. of Vidyarthis
Krishna Yajurveda (Taittiriya) 2 30+3
Samaveda (Kauthuma) 1 11
Total 3 44

At the end of the academic year 2014-15 35 Vidhyarthis have obtained Veda Vibhushan certificate from MSRVVP, Ujjain, in Yajuveda and 1 in Samaveda. Most of the Vidhyarthis passed out are well settled in Vaideeka Vruthi and 5 of them have become Krama Patis.

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