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The Veda Rakshana Samithi under which the Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Veda Pathasala functions, is registered under the Societies Act, 1861 (Reg. No. 14/96 dt. 10.1.1996). It is managed by an active Governing Body with the sole objective of providing the right atmosphere for our great Vedic tradition to flourish. The Committee believes that this is the only and worthwhile legacy we could leave for our future generation.

Governing Body

President :

T. V. Krishnan
Ph: 0491-2543273 9446575273

Vice Presidents :

Ramesh Viswanathan                    Ph : 9633774754

V.Ramanathan    Mob:9496295205

Secretary :

R. G. Ramasubramaniam
Mob : 09995016666

Jt. Secretary :

P.B Venkateswaran   Mob:9447003131

Girish Narayanan  Mob:9567769555

Treasurer :

P. A. Krishnan
Ph: 0491-2544856

Members :

P.N,Natarajan Mob:9446532694

P. R. Srinivasan            Mob : 9037608277

P .G.Sree Raman          Mob: 9847936005                               
P N Subramanian  Mob:9447392207 

P.R.Venkiteshwaran  Mob: 9447715741

P. R. Anand
Ph : 0491-2533765

V. M. Prasad
Ph : 0491-2577988

L. R. Krishnakumar
Mob : 09447678797

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